Lots of interesting things come across my desk. Recent items include books, a DVD and a conference notice. Here’s a sampling of recent products.

Travel humor

Chad Gibb’s first book “God and Football: Faith and Fanaticism in the SEC” incliuded his visit to an LSU football game. I wrote about it and his second book.

Zondervan recently published his latest, “Jesus Without Borders.”

Gibbs subtitled it “What Planes, Trains and Rickshaws Taught Me About Jesus.”

He traveled to 14 countries around the world, reaching past his Alabama upbringing to find a clearer image of Christ.

Most major bookstores and websites can order Zondervan books.

Bible women speak

Do we really need another book that focuses on women in the Bible?

Lindsay Hardin Freeman’s book made me say yes.

“Bible Women and Their Words and Why They Matter” was a project by Freeman with help from three church members.

The group read Scripture looking for all the words spoken by women whether named or not.

The book is set up in biblical order. Each chapter tells you how many words were spoken by women in the Bible book and who spoke them. It has a brief summary of the book.

Freeman them gives each woman space. For instance, the book of John has seven women who speak 336 words. Turn the page, and we meet the Samaritan Woman.

Freeman gives each woman a nickname and rates how well known they are in history, so the Samaritan Woman is moderately high. She is responsible for 151 of the 336 words.

Freeman tells about the woman and what she said. The next section has the reader consider things about her. Each chapter ends with things we can learn from the woman and a reflection section.

This would be great for individual or group study. I am looking forward to using it.

It can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Forward Movement (forwardmovement.org).

Window photos

Want a book without much reading?

Matthre Seufer has published Windows From Heaven, a compilation of photos he has taken.

The images include cloud formations that look like angels and crosses, well-placed rainbows, and other inspirational scenes.

The paperback book is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Westbow Press.

Beyond veggies

Phil Vischer, creator of VeggieTales has a new project.

His DVD “Jesus is the Good News” is available for $1 shipping and handling.

Family Bible Films says the project aims to help teach kids about the life of Jesus.

In addition to the movie, downloadable worksheets and Internet access to the film are available.

Visit freejesusfilm.com for details.

Hell again

Last year I wrote about the first Rethinking Hell conference. It was started to look at and debate doctrines about hell including “conditional immortality.”

This year, the second conference will be June 18 to 20 at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Visit rethinkinghellconference.com for details. Visit tinyurl.com/o97wa4k at theadvocate.com to read the quick introduction I wrote last year.