Worship Leader magazine named Baton Rouge one of its Top 20 Worship Destinations in the contiguous United States in its July/August 2012 issue.

Based on “musical influence and contribution of original worship music to the church at large,” Bethany World Prayer Center is one of the churches recommended for people wanting to see other worship leaders at work while on vacation. Worship at Bethany is led by the Rev. Jonathan Stockstill and the band Deluge.

Other Deep South stops include:

DALLAS: The Oaks Fellowship is home to its own worship team and radio names Bethany Dillon, and Shane and Shane.

Gateway Church also has a worship team and is home to radio name Kari Jobe. It is also home to Jennie Lee Riddle, who is best known for writing “Revelation Song” and the current Phillips, Craig and Dean hit, “When the Stars Burn Down.”

ATLANTA: Passion City Church features music by Chris Tomlin and Christy Nockels and sermons by the Rev. Louie Giglio.

North Point Community Church is home to North Point Music and several artists. The Rev. Andy Stanley is pastor.

Beer vs. church?

For another interestingmap, visit http://www.floatingsheep.org/ and read “Church or Beer? Americans on Twitter.”

The website found that more tweets contain the word “church” than the word “beer.”

The research was based on tweets that contained their location and were made in the continental U.S. between June 22 and June 28, which narrowed it to about 10 million. (Only 1 percent to 3 percent of tweets are marked with location or “geotagged.”)

Of the total, 17,686 tweets contained the word “church.” Most of these were sent on Sunday. Beer appeared in 14,405 tweets and were sent more evenly through the week.

Louisiana and the rest of the South fell strongly into the church tweets. FloatingSheep.com reports that the results strongly follow the traditional red/blue state designations with Republican states favoring church tweets and the Democratic states favoring beer tweets.

The site uses a five-point scale with “equal” tweets in the middle and “more” and “much more” on either side.

East Baton Rouge Parish and all of the major population centers in Louisiana, including Orleans, Jefferson and Lafayette parishes, fell into the “much more church” category.

However, Port Allen fell into the more beer category, along with Terrebonne, Plaquemines, Avoyelles, Grant and other parishes.

Allen Parish was the only one to fall into the category for much more tweets about beer.

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