Church camp is a special memory for many.

As adults, denominational or group meetings can be a way to participate in a similar event.

These meetings can be regional, state, national or even international.

Activities can include prayer times; social meetings divided by geography, age groups or special interests; activities for children; ministry opportunities; business sessions; and special speakers and musicians.

In Louisiana, the United Methodists are having a state meeting at Centenary College in Shreveport, starting Sunday, June 8.

The 2014 Louisiana United Methodist Annual Conference runs through June 11 and is based on the theme“Woven Together: Changing the World” inspired by Psalm 139.

Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey will present her address at 7:30 p.m. Sunday during a Communion service. An ordination and commissioning service will be Monday evening.

The offering from Sunday evening will purchase health kits for the United Methodist Committee on Relief Sager Brown Depot in Baldwin. The offering from the ordination service will help participants travel to the Holy Land in January 2016.

Activities will include electing delegates to several conferences, some TED Talks-style sessions, a Louisiana tailgate; and “The Wesleys” awards night to recognize outstanding ministries.

Pick a meeting

Most denominations have these types of meetings.

For instance, on the national level, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is also using the theme “Woven Together” for its 2014 General Assembly, June 23-27 in Atlanta.

Talk to your church officials. Sometimes special certification is needed to attend. Other events welcome all members and even guests.