Every man will confront a difficult situation, and how he handles it will depend on how well prepared he is, radio talk-Life, a subsidiary of Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ, and also leads Stepping Up men’s ministry. He and his wife, show host, author and men’s ministry leader Dennis Rainey says.

Rainey is coming to Baton Rouge to help men prepare. The “Stepping Up, A Call To Courageous Manhood” men’s conference begins at 7 p.m. Friday and continues 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Feb. 23 at the Chapel in the Oaks, 9611 Siegen Lane.

“As men, all of us face decisions in life that demand courage,” Rainey says in promotional material for his latest “Stepping Up” book. “One courageous choice leads to another; tomorrow’s integrity depends on today’s bravery.”

Rainey is president and CEO of Family-Barbara, married 41 years, host a daily radio talk show focusing on Christian marriage and family issues.

The Rev. Ken Drake, the worship pastor at The Chapel, last year faced the dual challenges of life-threatening acute pancreatitis and the pending marriage of a daughter. He found Rainey’s book and message inspiring.

“It was just the darkest day, but God healed me,” Drake said.

“Rainey defines that ability to do the hard thing in every circumstance no matter the cost,” Drake said. “There is so much pressure on men these days financially and having no downtime, but Rainey has this plan, inspired by the spirit of God, to help us tackle that courageously and have a vision to handle that.”

Jeff Kemp, son of NFL great quarterback Jack Kemp and a prolific NFL quarterback in his own right, is Rainey’s vice president at FamilyLife. With Rainey on a FamilyLife conference cruise and unavailable for an interview, Kemp explained why men need to stand up.

“God made us to be like Jesus — he is our role model,” Kemp said. “Jesus humbled himself, obeyed the Father and used his strength to defend and lift up others. For Christian men, the ultimate reason to step up is to be like Christ.”

Even the idea of manhood is obscured and counterfeited in the modern American culture, Kemp said.

“The feminization of the culture has told men that you don’t need to lead, you can sit back and take care of your stuff and be an adolescent forever,” Kemp said. “We celebrate the silliness, the immaturity, the frivolity, the sexual pursuits without the commitments.”

The only way for young men to become honorable adult men, Kemp said, “is to find groups of Christian, biblical men to pass on the baton of what it means to be a godly man.”

Drake said the conference is open to all men, including those in high school.

He encourages fathers to bring their sons, because there will be several discussion times dedicated to father-son relationships.

The cost per person is $55. Register at http:/www.thechapelbr.com/steppingup.