“Hillsong is essentially a church. We are based in Sydney ... . Close to the beginning of when we became a church, one of our biggest missions was to resource the church with worship songs.

“I guess that is where Hillsong music came from. And over the years we’ve seen different expressions. ... Hillsong Worship envelopes all the expressions of our church.”

Ware says a Hillsong Worship album will include the worship music from its services as well as people from United and Young and Free.

“It’s the expression of our church, the worship expression of our church, where as Hillsong United really came out from our youth group about 12 years ago,” Ware said.

“Through that youth movement, this band (United) kind of came together, and to this day their mission is not necessarily to write songs that generally get played in church —although a lot of their songs would — but to bring a fresh and edgy expression to God’s people and to people who don’t know God yet. To kind of say in a new way and a new sound that we love God and to sing about him and to him.”

Ware said, “We’ve just started a new youth movement in the past couple of years ... Young and Free. The worship and the album that has come out of that is really birthed out of that place of just trying to build God’s church and singing new sounds.”