What happens when one starts keeping track of the miracles in life?

For Sharon Holeman, of Baton Rouge, it turned into a book of notes. But rather than make the story about her, she gathered stories from friends to add to her collection.

In all, 12 women, 10 of them from Baton Rouge, shared what they saw as God’s miraculous work in their lives in the book “Backyard Miracles — 12 American Women, 12 True Stories, 1 Miraculous God.”

The authors will celebrate the book with a party from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sept. 28, at Strands Cafe, 226 Laurel St.

It will feature live acoustic music, book signings by the authors and a treat from the pastry bar.

Authors include Emily Billings, Karen Carlino, Jessica Dupuy, Carrie Feder, Jeanine Garcia, Joanna Jacob, Jody Calandro Kaiser, Sandra Mizell, Brandi Redmon, Peggy Taylor and Lori Wilkins.

Their stories include physical healings. In her story, Carlino tells of recovering physically and emotionally from a wreck that injured her and killed her best friend. Years later, wanting to give back for the chance at life she was given, she met a pastor whose wife needed a kidney. Unknown to the family, Carlino began to see if she was a match and ultimately donated a kidney.

Other women share how God helped them beat addictions, survive suicide, fight spiritual battles and learn to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead.

Visit http://backyardmiracles.com/ to purchase the book. The site also has a place to donate the book to others. The authors pledge to give 75 percent of all profits to start churches and provide other ministry work as well as donating books to people who can’t afford them.

They encourage others to share their own miracle stories on the group’s Facebook page.

Back to Church

Sunday is National Back to Church Sunday.

Visit http://www.backtochurch.com/roster to look for churches near you that are registered with the organization. Or just pick a church and show up.

As of Wednesday, about 50 churches in and around Baton Rouge were signed up for the annual event sponsored by Outreach Inc. and LifeWay Research.

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