• FAMILY AND FRIENDS DAY: 8 a.m., Donaldson Chapel Baptist Church, 2501 Gracie St. A family and friends celebration. (225) 344-4480.
  • DAUGHTERS OF NAOMI: 9:30 a.m., Camphor Memorial Methodist Church, 8742 Scenic Highway. For women ages 9-18. (225) 933-7475.
  • VETERANS DAY SERVICE: 10:45 a.m., Broadmoor Presbyterian Church, 9340 Florida Blvd. The topic is “What Is a Veteran”, with every branch of the military recognized in visuals, music and the message. Following will be a free luncheon in the activities building. A poster exhibit will he displayed by Pat Robertson. Donations of any amount will benefit Camp Agape, youth camp, at Feliciana Retreat in West Feliciana in June.
  • WORSHIP SERVICE: 11 a.m., The Metropolitan Community Church of Baton Rouge, 7747 Tom Drive. (225) 248-0404.
  • WINTER ORIENTATION: 12:30 p.m., The Ministry of Love, 5956 Hooper Road. Orientation for the school of ministry. Classes begin Dec. 2 at 6:30 p.m. (225) 356-2713 ext. 304.
  • FALL CONCERT: 1 p.m., First Baptist Church, 529 Convention Street. The “Young at Heart” choir along with the Blue Grass Band will perform for the public.


  • PROPHECY BIBLE STUDY: 7 p.m., The Berean Seventh-day Adventist Church, 4555 Fairfields.

Saturday, Nov. 15

  • LIFE CHOICE: 9 a.m., Catholic Life Center, 1800 S. Acadian Thruway. A one day Pre-Cana program for engaged couples seeking to get married in the Catholic Church. It combines talks with personal reflection and couple dialogue in a classroom setting.
  • ANNUAL COMMUNITY CLOTHES CLOSET: 9 a.m., Greater Divine Missionary Baptist Church, 6045 Hooper Road. Free clothing giveaway.
  • CLOTHING GIVEAWAY: 10 a.m., Greater Beulah Baptist Church, 955 E. Polk St. Free clothing giveaway.

Sunday, Nov. 16

  • 85TH CHURCH ANNIVERSARY: 8 a.m., Greater Beulah Baptist Church, 955 E. Polk Street. The Rev. Road Mary Moss of the St. Alma Baptist Church in Lakeland will be the guest evangelist. (225) 343-5610 or
  • PASTOR APPRECIATION: 8 a.m., New Freedom Missionary Baptist Church, 388 North Beck St. A celebration for the Rev. Alando G. O’Conner, Sr.
  • HOLY COMMUNION SERVICE: 11 a.m., New Salem Missionary Baptist Church, 318 Eddie Robinson Sr. Road.

Saturday, Nov. 22

  • R.E.F.U.G.E PRAYER WALK 3.3 MILE: 10 a.m., Flannery Road Park, 801 Flannery Road. A 3.3mile prayer walk. $26 adults, $14 children, $4 pets.



  • PRAISE AND WORSHIP SERVICE: 9 a.m., Beachum Grove Baptist Church, 8877 Battle Road. (225) 683-8119.


Saturday, Nov. 16

  • MY HOPE WITH BILLY GRAHAM: 8:15 a.m., The Rock Church, 42080 Church Point Road. There will be a showing of the video “Heaven” at morning services.



  • VETERANS DAY MEMORIAL CEREMONY: 6 p.m., Bouligny Plaza, E Main St. A celebration of freedom with 21 gun salute, flag raising, civil war re-enactment, prayer service honoring veterans.



  • P.N.U.E.M.A. LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE: 5 p.m., AJ Ford Ministries, Old Bethany West Campus, 23980 Fleniken Lane. There will be classes for the adults and entertainment for children. Registration at 4 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m. Saturday. Free. (225) 385-4089 or info@ajfoRoadorg.



  • WALKING BETWEEN THE LINES: Rosaryville Spirit Life Center, 39003 Rosaryville Road. Teacher /storyteller, Earl Gervais will lead the stories of the lives of those who Jesus met. (225) 294-5039.


  • DAY OF PRAYER WITH SISTER ROSE BOWEN, O.P: 9 a.m., Rosaryville Spirit Life Center, 39003 Rosaryville Road. The theme is “Jesus Means Freedom.” It will start with coffee and fellowship, followed by the talk and reflection. Lunch will follow. $35.
  • CENTERING PRAYER: 7 p.m., Rosaryville Spirit Life Center, 39003 Rosaryville Road. A method designed to facilitate the development of Contemplative Prayer. It is an attempt to present the teaching of earlier times in an updated form. Free. (225) 294-5039.


Saturday, Nov. 16

  • LORD SUPPER: 11:30 a.m., St. James Missionary Baptist Church, 10151 Noel Thomas Lane.



  • CELEBRATION OF WOMEN: 2 p.m., Shekinah Glory Chrisitian Fellowship Church, 10164 North Line St. The guest speaker will be the Rev. Keysha M. Dominck-Richard of Promised Land Baptist Church of Baton Rouge.