Photo Courtesy KALB

An Alexandria woman experienced the chaos of the failed Fyre Festival, a supposed luxury music festival in the Bahamas with tickets costing up to $12,000, and lived to tell about it, according to a report from Alexandria's KALB-TV

Alexandria native Farah Benghozi described her outing to KALB as "complete chaos," and noted she and her friends didn't leave because of false advertisement of the festival, but for safety reasons instead.

"Belongings were already stolen from festival goers' tents, there was no security at any time or guards throughout the campsite to ensure everyone's safety," Benghozi said to KALB. "We left the campsite straight to the airport after just a few hours of arriving, and they stalled us in the air craft for almost seven hours." 

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You can read more about Benghozi's trip here via KALB.