Spaghetti Squash Kugel

Serves 6. Recipe is from “Passover Made Easy” by Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek (February 2013,

1 spaghetti squash

1 tbl. oil

2 onions, finely diced

1 garlic clove, minced

4 eggs, lightly beaten

½ tsp. salt

1 tsp. coarse black pepper

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Wash spaghetti squash and place into a loaf pan. Bake for 1 hour. Remove from oven and let cool. Raise oven heat to 400 degrees.

2. Slice squash in half and remove seeds. Using a fork, scrape the strands of squash into a large bowl.

3. Heat oil in a sauté pan over medium heat. Add onions and garlic. Sauté until onions are soft, 5 to 7 minutes. Add onions to spaghetti squash. Add eggs, salt and pepper. Pour mixture into a 9- by-13-inch baking pan. Bake until kugel is crispy on top, about 1 hour.