Headed to the beach or maybe the mountains for summer vacation? Pack the sunscreen or the hiking books, and don’t forget the slow cooker.

That’s right. Lots of vacationers, especially those with access to a kitchen in their rented condo or cabin, bring along their handiest kitchen appliances.

Perhaps you’ll choose to eat out, but lots of families take recipe planning into account. Many have made a science out of knowing which grocery stores to hit as they get closer to their destination.

Last year, I heard from a reader headed to Colorado on vacation with her sisters and their families. She was looking for slow-cooking recipes for her night to plan dinner. Another friend likes to go on Utah ski trips with not only her family, but other families.

Each family has a night to plan dinner and the slow cooker is right in the middle so each can maximize their time on the slopes.

Wherever the destination, don’t forget the meal planning. Make it simple and family friendly. Chicken is always a crowd pleaser. Here’s a recipe to get you started on that summer trip.