Your Mom’s Restaurant and Bar started in Hammond and landed a Baton Rouge location just last year.

It’s a restaurant that features the go-to choices for college students — sandwiches, salads and burgers — in a location that’s right by campus on West Lee Drive.

In this week’s review, two Red writers try to go back to their college glory and eat like champions at a new restaurant that basically challenges you to finish your plate.


Whatever you think Your Mom’s Restaurant will be, you’re probably wrong.

The name sounds like a childish joke, and you expect a dive bar with greasy food.

Instead, the restaurant, located in a strip center not far from LSU, is decorated with fashionable distressed wood walls and dark hardwood floors.

Your Mom’s menu is a lengthy list of burgers, po-boys and sandwiches created from not-so-subtle flavor mash-ups.

There’s an aloha burger with sweet barbecue sauce, ham and pineapple, and a pizza burger topped with grilled pepperoni, mozzarella and marinara.

I wanted to try something kind of out there, so I chose the peanut butter and jelly bacon burger ($11.99). It’s exactly what it sounds like — an 8-ounce hamburger patty, creamy peanut butter, grape jelly and two strips of bacon on a sourdough bun.

The burger came with the peanut butter dripping off the bun. After my first bite, I was surprised by how the flavors mingled. The hamburger patty was freshly cooked ground beef with the right amount of fat and lean meat.

But it was all too much.

After two bites, I wished the sweetness of the peanut butter and jelly were gone. I would try another burger there, but it would have to be simpler, like the three-cheese burger.

Before the meal, we tried one of their house specialty deep-fried appetizers, the fried mushrooms ($6.99). They were fried mushrooms, served piping hot and at a reasonable size.


If I were in college, I’d love Your Mom’s.

Even if my mother never actually made me any of this food.

Your Mom’s is a more chaste sports bar. The atmosphere is cozy and quaint. I even saw a few toddlers in there, which isn’t what I expected at all.

I expected to bro out, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The food, though, is what I expected — fried anything and everything on a bun. But even that takes talent.

After trying some fried mushrooms and a house salad ($10.99) that came in a humorously huge mixing bowl (get it with the savory-sweet candied jalapeno vinaigrette), my main event was the sweet and spicy chicken sandwich ($9.99).

It came fried (how else?!), topped with a jalapeño cream cheese sauce on this ridiculously soft roll that reminded me of the old Mugshots near Towne Center.

If I had my way, I’d probably order this every day.

The peanut butter and jelly burger was something I had to try. But it felt more like an endurance test than something I would enjoy. As I left, I joked with the hostess, “Do you have a wheelchair?”

But these are the types of things 20-year-old Matt would love. Heavy foods, no frills, and non-obnoxious scenery — Your Mom’s is just fine.

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