Homemade Vanilla Extract _lowres

Photo by Cynthia L. Nobles -- Homemade Vanilla Extract is easy to prepare.

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Makes 1 pint. Recipe is by Cynthia L. Nobles, who says, “Vodka is most often used for homemade vanilla because of its neutral flavor, but you can also use rum, brandy, whiskey or even tequila.”

4 dried vanilla beans

2 cups vodka

1. Slit vanilla beans in half lengthwise and place in a sterilized glass pint jar. Cover with vodka, close jar tightly and let sit in a cool, dry place for at least 2 months, shaking once a week. (The longer it steeps, the better).

2. Strain through a coffee filter and store extract in a separate sterilized jar. (For even stronger flavor, you can just leave the beans in.) To make another batch, use the same vanilla beans plus 1 new one. This method works for up to 3 batches.