New Orleans Po-Boys and Gyros sits tucked into a strip mall on Coursey Boulevard just east of South Sherwood Forest Boulevard and serves up a very varied menu for such a small restaurant.

We ordered at the counter, choosing our meals from a wall of tightly handwritten choices that ran across six sections of white boards. A server delivered our orders to the table promptly and cheerfully.

For appetizers we ordered fried mushrooms ($3.50) and were pleasantly surprised with the large mushrooms in a tempura-like batter, which didn’t mask the mushrooms at all and let you really taste the hot vegetable inside.

We also tried the mozzarella cheese sticks ($2.50) which came with a packaged sweet tomato dipping sauce and were just what one member of our party was craving.

As its name implies, this po-boy shop has a Greek flair and we tried two of the offerings in that vein. The gyros wrap ($6.75) was overstuffed with the tasty, tender meat combo, lettuce, tomatoes and a yummy cucumber sauce. Filling and delicious, this was an excellent choice.

The Greek salad with chicken ($9.50), was as beautifully presented as it was delicious. Carefully arranged on a large plate, the plentiful bite-size pieces of tender, juicy chicken were piled at one end with romaine lettuce filling the rest of the plate. Cucumber slices lined one side and tomato slices the other. The lettuce was topped with a section of chopped purple cabbage, next to a section of feta cheese and then a strip of black and green olives. The salad was served with a creamy dressing on the side that had a bit of a bite. With this we also tried a side of the hummus ($3.50), which was a large offering of the creamy chickpea dip served with pita bread, and was also very good.

More in the New Orleans tradition, we tried the small muffuletta ($7.50) which was a half of the usual round sandwich. This was also a very good and filling choice and hit the spot with its layers of meats and cheeses with the wonderful olive-salad spread served on good thick bread topped with sesame seeds.

Rounding out our order was the beef Philly cheesesteak po-boy, ($6.95), with tender beef, grilled onions, green peppers, mushrooms and jalapenos and melted white cheese served on good crispy French bread. This large sandwich (and all the yummy ingredients that spilled out in the paper lined basket), was absolutely delicious and a real bargain as well.

The little no-frills restaurant (we counted 10 small tables) is very welcoming, and we enjoyed watching a baseball game on the TV in the corner as an artist touched up the Cajun-themed mural along one wall. They were out of the gumbo and baklava by the time we arrived which means we will just be “forced” to return. We were also told we should try the hamburgers on our next trip, and we will be happy to comply with that as well. The service couldn’t have been better and these delicious dishes, at these great prices, are a good deal.