Twisted Burgers is a small, no-frills restaurant tucked in a strip mall on La. 44 in Gonzales. It has a diner-style feel. The restaurant is no wider than a two-car garage, and there are a couple TVs for showcasing sporting events.

As the group I went with placed its order at the counter, we quickly realized the restaurant’s speciality is its sauces.

Twisted Burgers’ prized possessions are its sweet barbecue and spicy mayo sauces. When combined, the sauces are dubbed “twisted.”

The staff was so proud of the sauces that before our meal, we were treated to a complimentary order of fries and both sauces.

Upon the first taste, I noticed that the spicy mayo wasn’t quite as good as Raising Cane’s signature sauce, but had a bit of bite.

The sweet barbecue sauce was too sweet on its own. But when mixed with the spicy mayo, you get a tasty sauce that works well with the fries and the burgers.

After placing our order, the food was promptly delivered. If used-napkin count is truly a deliciousness indicator, these burgers are great.

All the burgers we tried were hefty, well-seasoned and dressed with lettuce, mayo and ketchup.

The lettuce wrap burger ($5.99) was juicy and tasty, and we didn’t miss the bun at all.

The BBQ cheddar melt ($8.99) was a covered in melted cheddar cheese and the sweet barbecue sauce on a sesame-seed bun. The only thing better was the bacon cheeseburger ($7.99), which had mustard, ketchup and the twisted sauce.

The turkey cheese burger combo ($7.99), also served on a sesame-seed bun, was filling and flavorful. This option also came with the twisted sauce, ketchup and mustard.

You can get each burger in a combo, which comes with a drink from the cooler and large cut fries.

For variety, we also tried the fried shrimp sandwich combo ($8.49). Rather than served on the usual po-boy bread, this option came burger-style on a sesame seed bun. The shrimp weren’t greasy, but were plentiful and perfectly fried.

Sometimes, there is nothing better than a good burger and fries. These, with their “twisted” sauce, hit the spot.