We drove out to Maurepas expecting our meal alongside the Diversion Canal would include some delicious seafood dishes and Kevin’s Cajun Seafood restaurant delivered. The cheerful golden-yellow walls adorned with contemporary prints are welcoming and there are lots of windows for diners in the booths and tables of this casual establishment to view the water which must have lots of activity in the warmer months.

We started our meal with three appetizers and enjoyed them all. The crawfish pies dish ($8.49) featured four miniature fried crawfish pies topped with crawfish etouffee. The little pies were perfectly fried and the etouffee was excellently flavored with a spicy kick. We also really liked the two large crab cakes ($11.99) with a remoulade sauce drizzled on top served on a bed of lettuce. The cakes were mostly crabmeat with little breading and also seasoned well. Our third choice was the stuffed jalapeno peppers ($6.99), fresh peppers stuffed with a wonderful house-made crawfish stuffing, then battered and fried. The mild stuffing and the spicy peppers went well together and we really enjoyed the tomato-based sweet-and-spicy dipping sauce served with these.

Settling in, we moved on to our entrées. We liked the crawfish etouffee so much on the mini pies we ordered the Cajun tilapia ($17.59), which has the etouffee served atop grilled fish fillets, and it was another delicious dish. This came with French fries. All the entrees came with bread and a salad.

We also tried the crawfish ravioli ($15.99), a huge serving of the little pastas stuffed with ricotta cheese and topped with a well-blended and seasoned crawfish cream sauce. Though delicious, this is a rich and filling dish and it would be difficult to eat the amount they served.

We also selected the fish and shrimp grilled dinner ($16.99) and enjoyed the buttery lemon sauce on top of the well-seasoned catfish filets and shrimp. This dish had two large filets and eight nice-sized shrimp. This came with a side order and we picked the red beans and rice and really enjoyed how good this south Louisiana favorite tasted.

For our final entrée we chose Kevin’s stuffed shrimp ($16.99.) Four jumbo shrimp were stuffed with crabmeat, breaded and fried and topped with a shrimp and tasso cream sauce. As if that wasn’t enough food, this dish came with fries. The seafood was really good and plentiful in this dish but we wished the creamy sauce would have had a little more seasoning.

For dessert, we ordered the original supreme cheesecake ($5.99) and while it’s listed as “plain” on the menu because it has no topping other than the light and creamy sour cream mousse, we’d hate to call it that. We also tried the turtle cheesecake ($5.99), which was the same cheesecake and graham-cracker crust, but with an additional layer of dark fudge in between the two and all of it topped with a caramel sauce. Both the cheesecakes were served with a dollop of whipped cream on the crust-end of the slice. One member of our party was a chocolate lava cake lover so her dessert choice was easy. As an extra bonus this cake ($5.99) was also served with ice cream which went nicely with the warm gooey chocolate cake’s center. We also really enjoyed the carrot cake ($5.99), three layers of very moist cake full of carrots, pecans, pineapple and spices with a rich cream cheese frosting.

You definitely get your money’s worth of good Cajun-flavored food at Kevin’s. The plates are piled high and the service is friendly though they could be a bit more attentive.