Whether you have a laid-back Labor Day or celebrate with a big family gathering, this long, holiday weekend is a great time to try new recipes. Here’s one that is guaranteed to be a hit - Toffee Brownie Parfait!

There are lots of dishes, desserts included, that can be served poolside, dockside, or at a backyard picnic table. Find some fun, colorful dishes, break out the ice cream, whipped cream and various extras for a serious dessert fix.

For the younger set, add a few gummy worms for garnish. It will be a fun way to celebrate time away from work and school. As for the practicalities, a convenience brownie mix will save time.

While I used one with chunky chocolate bits, any brownie mix will do since you will also be adding chocolate chips. Heath English Toffee Bits, also called Bits 'O Brickle Toffee bits, are easier than breaking up toffee candy bars.