The No. 1 reason people love slow cookers is that everything is cooked in one pot, said Angela Rossi, product manager for Euro-Pro, manufacturers of the Ninja Cooking System.

Rossi said the company noted that slow cooking is a large product market, but consumer research indicated that users are looking for more from their slow cookers.

“We work, we have kids, and everyone is worried about obesity and cooking fast. They wanted less appliance and more versatility,” she said.

The Ninja system incorporates an ability to not only slow cook, but sauté, roast, sear and bake. It, in essence, is a portable system for those looking for efficient kitchen space.

Rossi said the target audience was everyone from busy families, couples, singles, newlyweds and those on the go.

“Retired, older baby boomers don’t want to clean up and are looking for less mess. When they take RVs and go on trips, they don’t want to spend money going out to eat,” she said.

The goal in future slow cookers and cooking systems will be improvement.

“There will be more coming based on how to improve and be better,” Rossi said. Julie Kay is a columnist for The Advocate. She can be reached at