The recipe for Shaved Asparagus Galette With Mascarpone and Jarlsberg caught my eye and I couldn’t wait to make it. When you shave asparagus with a vegetable peeler, you end up with pretty green and white ribbons.

That recipe and the others in this column are from “Savory Pies — Delicious Recipes for Seasoned Meats, Vegetables and Cheeses Baked in Perfectly Flaky Crusts” by Greg Henry.

There are no sweet pies in the book, only savory ones that Henry says “are like a well-loved blanket: warm, satisfying and marvelously easy to snuggle into.”

The free-form pie crusts are quickly made in the food processor, and they’re all made with butter or a combo of butter and cream cheese. The recipes make two pie crusts; one to use and maybe one for the freezer.

Serve small slices of the Shaved Asparagus Galette With Mascarpone and Jarlsberg as an appetizer, but it’s perfect for a light lunch also. Mascarpone is a buttery rich Italian cream cheese made from cow’s milk.

The recipe calls for a layer of Jarlsberg cheese (pronounced YAHRLZ-berg) over the mascarpone, then shaved asparagus and a dusting of Parmesan.

All exceptional flavors tucked into a pie shell.

With the Italian sausage in my freezer, I made the Sweet Sausage Cabbage Pie With Dill and Feta in the basic pie pastry. That was a tasty and interesting combination of flavors. The pastry was easy to work with. Even if it splits, you can easily patch it or push the edges together. Since it’s free form, it doesn’t have to look perfect.

The Tomato Caprese Tarts With Chive Oil are made with free-form pastry cups made from frozen puff pastry dough. As the puff pastry bakes, it puffs up forming a shell. Small tomatoes sit on top of mozzarella cheese for a filling. Chive oil and fresh basil is sprinkled over the top at serving.Corinne Cook is a columnist for The Advocate. Reach her at