I made this Whole-Wheat Bread, The Modern Way last week during the cold snap. The “modern way” means it’s mostly made in the food processor instead of kneading by hand. All you do after that is to let it rise and shape it into a loaf.

The recipe calls for stone-ground whole-wheat flour and bread flour. I had the bread flour and whole-wheat flour on hand but not stone-ground, and, of course, my regular whole wheat worked fine. Stone-ground is a slow grinding process between two stones which usually leaves the germ intact when producing whole-wheat flour.

It is available in most large grocery stores now. Once opened, store your whole-wheat flours in the refrigerator to prevent the germ oils from becoming rancid.

Bread flours are formulated to work especially well with yeast, and they are available beached or unbleached.

This recipe makes one standard-size loaf of bread, but I made it in two smaller loaf pans for the picture.