Fresh Ideas: Creamy Salmon Pâté healthy Lent choice _lowres

Photo by Helana Brigman -- Creamy Salmon Pate makes a good option for a Lenten appetizer.

Every March, friends bombard me with recipe requests, asking how they can possibly survive the next few Lenten meatless Fridays without cheating.

I direct them to healthful recipes that feature lean proteins like fish, including my favorite option, smoked salmon.

This recipe for Creamy Salmon Pâté is a family classic, served whenever there’s a group of people around. In it, savory smoked salmon is pulsed together with a heavy dose of dill, some butter, sour cream, and salt and pepper to taste. The result is a buttery dip with a subtly smoky flavor that feels like cheating, but it’s not.

Serve Salmon Pâté immediately or slightly chilled over buttery crackers, French bread or pita chips.

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