During my studies and travels throughout my career, I have had the pleasure of meeting many remarkable people. I lived in Savannah, Ga., for five years and met one of those remarkable persons, Klas Andersson.

Klas grew up in Sweden and moved to the U.S. for college. Although he and his wife went to Georgia, he and our families became instant companions. We shared our love for SEC football and good cooking.

During one of our recent visits to Savannah, my family and I met up with the Anderssons and stayed in their guest house for three days. Savannah, being a coastal town, is known for its seafood. Sticking to Savannah tradition, one night we had a “low country boil,” which involves boiled shrimp, sausage, potatoes and corn. A feast for any true Southerner.

At the end on the night, we had about 2 pounds of shrimp left over. The next night Klas surprised us by using the leftover shrimp to whip up a gourmet Scandinavian shrimp appetizer, Toast Skagen.

Skagen is a fishing town in Denmark, located on a projection of land on the tip of northern Denmark. It separates the North Sea from the Strait of Denmark, about 30 miles west of Sweden. Skagen, also known for its seafood, makes this dish a likely connection between these coastal towns. Toast Skagen is a classic Swedish appetizer that means “party.”

This shrimp appetizer not only dazzles the palate, but uses one of Louisiana’s most desirable resources: shrimp. Served cold, it is the perfect appetizer for a hot summer dinner party or pool gathering. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

“Aptiten v?xer medan man ?ter.” (“The appetite grows while eating,” meaning good food will make you want more!)