Salad elevates taste in a few minutes

This Balsamic Steak Salad With Blueberry Dressing elevates skirt steak to new heights. The meat has to marinate at least 30 minutes beforehand, but it takes only a few minutes to cook.

This recipe calls for a 1-pound skirt steak.

Skirt steak is a long, flat piece of beef which is actually the diaphragm muscle. It’s a flavorful, but tough cut of meat so it’s usually marinated and proper cooking and carving is important.

Skirt steak is the cut fajitas are usually made from, though this recipe is not Southwestern in style. Rather, it gets a bold, balsamic-herb flavor from a bottled marinade that teams well with salad greens and the sweet and tangy blueberry dressing.

The Blueberry Dressing is a mix of puréed berries with some of the marinade, brown sugar and lemon juice. Feta cheese crumbles and sliced red onions finish off the salad. These heartier flavors are nice for a fall salad.