I’ve been seeing salads made with shaved Brussels sprouts in magazines and decided to try one myself since I had a bag of fresh Brussels sprouts.

To shave or shred as finely as these threads are you have to use a mandolin unless you’re really adept with a sharp knife.

A mandolin is a hand-operated machine that’s used to cut thin slices of firm vegetables and fruit, like potatoes or apples. You may have some other slicing kitchen gadget you can pull out of the cabinet for this job.

I was making four salads and used about 15 Brussels sprouts, so this was not a labor-intensive job. Just wash and dry the sprouts, removing any outer leaves that look dry or damaged.

Do not remove any of the stem end; that little part is discarded after the sprout is shredded and I used it to hold the sprout. I did mine one at a time, which actually did not take long at all, but I’m sure if you wanted to do more and hold them with the safety slider guide that comes with the mandolin that would be fine.

In that case I would probably cut the dry stem end off first. I was just experimenting with shaving them for the first time and one at a time worked for me for just a few salads.

I’ve included two dressing recipes, one has a hint of sweetness and goes well with the Brussels sprouts, and the other dressing is a plain, tart vinaigrette which is also delicious with this salad. Select your favorite.

Corinne Cook is a columnist for The Advocate. Reach her at food@theadvocate.com.