Serves 8 to 10.

2 (1-lb.) pork tenderloins

Dales Steak Marinade

Italian salad dressing

6 ozs. cream cheese

1/2 jar of sliced jalapeño peppers

1 lb. bacon

Fresh cracked black pepper

1. Marinate pork tenderloin in Dales and Italian dressing for about one hour.

2. When ready to cook, butterfly the tenderloins and generously spread the cream cheese across the inside of the tenderloin. Sprinkle the sliced jalapeños over the cream cheese.

3. Fold the pork tenderloin together. Start at one end and wrap bacon around pork, securing with toothpicks until completely covered. Season the outside of the pork with black pepper.

4. Prepare Egg with the place-setter insert, which allows you to cook under indirect heat. Preheat Egg to 325 degrees.

5. Place the pork directly on the grill on the grill rack. Cook for approximately 40 minutes. Let rest for 5 to 10 minutes before serving. Slice when ready to serve.