It’s a time for reflection, for celebration.

For family and friends.

For food.

Passover, the eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the deliverance of the ancient Hebrews from slavery in Egypt, begins at sundown Friday. Easter, the Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, is Sunday. Eastern Orthodox Easter will be celebrated April 15.

Easter tables groan under a feast that typically includes foods such as carrot cake, deviled eggs, coconut cake and fruit salad.

The biblical narrative says the Israelites left Egypt so hastily they couldn’t wait for their bread dough to rise, and when it was baked, the bread was matzo. Jews nowadays don’t eat any leavened foods on Passover and Passover meals traditionally feature matzo in various forms, gefilte fish and potatoes.

This year, we’re featuring some familiar favorites, some of them with a new twist. A traditional Spanish almond torte, right, inspires a Passover flourless carrot cake. Another recipe is for a Good Friday tradition, Hot Cross Buns.

We hope this collection of Easter and Passover dishes brightens your holiday meals.