Parents who want to introduce their young children to baking will like “Sesame Street B is for Baking: 50 yummy dishes to make together” by Susan McQuillan (Wiley, hardcover, $16.95).

The 128-page book offers recipes that everyone in the family will like. It really is a cookbook geared for parents who want to teach their children how to get around in the kitchen.

Recipe steps appropriate for children to handle are marked with a “Kids!” icon. For example, the recipe for Rosita’s Beefy Enchilada Pie suggests that youngsters can stir together some of the crust’s ingredients, use a spatula to spread the crust’s corn mixture in a pie plate and mix the filling ingredients.

This is a colorfully designed book with pages in various shades of red, green, hot pink, blue, gold and purple. Each recipe is illustrated with a full-color photograph of the completed dish, along with drawings of Sesame Street characters.

Recipes have detailed instructions and provide numerous tips. A page on safe baking is a “read-aloud review of the rules” so children will learn basic kitchen safety from not spreading germs to staying away from a hot stove.

There’s also a page on age-appropriate tasks that young children can do, such as the average 2-year-old can help wash and scrub fruits and vegetables or crush crackers and cookies into crumbs.

There are recipes for breakfast foods; quick breads; main dishes and sides; puddings; pies; cookies; bars; and special occasion cupcakes and cakes. Among them are Oscar’s Really Rotten Banana Bread, Elmo’s Pizza Party, Ernie’s Corning Corn Pudding, Big Bird’s Crustless Veggie Quiche Squares, Ernie’s Halloween Marble Cake and Grover’s German Pancake.

Here’s a recipe to help the whole family get a good start to the day. It also will work for brunch or a light supper.