The Pelican House Tap Room and Whiskey Bar plans to expand its kitchen, enlarge its menu and apply for a new alcohol license that will allow diners under the age of 18 to enter the restaurant, said co-owner Gavin Jobe.

After seeing success with weekend brunches and a small menu, the craft beer-focused bar (2572 Citiplace Court) will transition into a full-fledged restaurant, Jobe said, and has applied for a restaurant permit from the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

The current bar permit The Pelican House has held since opening in 2013 will not allow anyone under 18 to eat there, and the bar currently advertises that patrons under 21 are not allowed.

“We’ve had to tell a lot of people, ‘no,’ and we hate doing that,” said Jobe, who is also the restaurant’s executive chef. “A lot of families try to come in for brunches and try to come in at night with their families. We legally cannot allow them in, and that is the worst thing is telling someone they can’t come into your business and spend money and eat there.”

Currently The Pelican House’s menu features upscale choices — catfish sliders, duck gravy poutine and hamburgers made from house-ground beef — along with an extensive brunch menu.

When The Pelican House opened, the founders expected to focus on beer and whiskey.

“We thought we were going to be a beer-focused bar that also served good food,” Jobe said. “Now it’s grown to be a mix. We’re a beer-focused bar that also serves great food, but now we want to be a beer-focused restaurant that serves great food.”

The new permit could be approved as soon as March or April, Jobe said.