Potato Soup (1860)

Recipe provided by Gayle B. Smith is from “Civil War Recipes, Receipts from the Pages of Godey’s Lady’s Book,” edited by Lily May Spaulding and John Spaulding (The University Press of Kentucky, 1999).

Have ready two quarts of boiling water. Cut up three or four potatoes, well pared, a thick slice or two of bread, six or eight leeks, well peeled and cut, as far as the white extends, into thin slices. Turn the whole into the water, which must be boiling at the time, cover, and let it come to a brisk boil after the ingredietns are added, then throw in a teacupful (not a breakfast-cup) of rice, a spoonful of salt, and a half that of pepper. Boil slowly for an hour, or till all the ingredients amalgamate. Serve. This is a savory and cheap soup, very common in France and Germany. Cabbage soup is made in the same way, omitting the potatoes, and substituting bread.