If your summer garden is yielding a harvest of plump, beautiful eggplants, here’s a recipe you’ll want to try in your slow cooker.

And it’s refreshingly different than the same-old, tired, Italian-style eggplant recipes that are full of Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs.

Instead, it is made with zesty Ro-tel tomatoes and Louisiana Gulf shrimp, and makes for a refreshing but filling summer meal.

Neither eggplant nor shrimp takes especially long to cook in the slow cooker, so six hours will be tops for this one. The range specified, four to six hours, makes allowance for the fact that slow cookers often cook at different rates. You should know where your slow cooker sits on the spectrum, so adjust your cook time accordingly.

I often turn the cooker to High in the last hour in order to boost the temperature for seafood.

The tart shells make a nice touch for serving, but it’s also good with fettuccine noodles. Take your pick.