Microwave Corn on Cob With Shucks On

Serves 1 to 3. Recipe is from Corinne Cook who found the instructions on numerous Internet videos.

1 to 3 ears corn on cob with shucks

1. Place damp paper towel over microwaveable plate. Place corn on plate. The stalk end can be trimmed if it’s too long to fit in microwave.

2. Cook 4 minutes per ear (depends on wattage of oven). I turn corn over halfway during cooking time.

3. Using oven mitts or pot holders, remove hot corn from oven and place on cutting board. Cut through shucks and cob from large end, removing the first 2 full rows of corn from the bottom.

4. Using oven mitts, squeeze corn out of the bottom, holding onto the top as you squeeze. The silk will remain in the shucks.