Tailgating fare is great - up to a point. But let’s face it: You can only eat so many burgers, briskets, boudin balls, chicken fingers and super-sized bags of greasy chips weekend after weekend.

Sooner or later, your body is going to rebel.

So as you’re planning your tailgating menus for the next few months, here are a few ideas for a different kind of game-day dining.

Don’t stop reading yet. None of these recipes is terribly radical. They’re just a little fresher, interesting, upscale and nutritionally better balanced than the fatty, salty, fried fare that gets washed down by gallons of beer every Saturday during football season.

These dishes are great to bring to tailgating gatherings because they don’t contain mayonnaise or similar ingredients that would spoil in the heat.

Several of these can also be done on a grill, either onsite or at home ahead of time.

The Layered Asian Salad is a nice combination of sweet and tangy vegetables, and will make a nice accompaniment to dishes like barbecued pork.

The ‘Cued Country Beet Salad goes well with burgers, and the Mediterranean Grilled Veggies dish is a perfect side to serve with chicken.

A guaranteed favorite appetizer is the Grilled Bruschetta With Homemade Pesto. You can top it with the vegetables and cheese of your choice, then grill and slice into bite-size pieces.

So kick up your tailgating menu a notch or two. You and your friends just might be pleasantly surprised.