Even when it’s scorching outside, there’s no reason not to invite a few friends over for brunch.

While just the thought of sitting outside might make one wilt, even here in south Louisiana there are days when is not too warm about midmorning or late in the afternoon to enjoy sitting under a covered patio or on a porch sipping refreshing drinks.

Add some small bites to mesh with the warm weather — and if the heat gets too unbearable, just move the party inside to the comfort of air conditioning.

A lazy early evening meal could call for a light and chilled sparkling wine to complement delicious nibbles. Either pour the bubbly alone or mix into a refreshing drink.

Some recipes to serve are Pear Puffs, Prosecco Cake and a deliciously fruity brunch drink, Fountain of Cocktails. Or for a more substantial brunch offering, prepare Cheesy Bacon and Egg Brunch Casserole.