Everyone who is not at the BCS National Championship Game in New Orleans watching LSU vs. Alabama will be glued to television sets at home, and no one will be in the kitchen during that game. That doesn’t mean, however, there won’t be a big pot of chili, gumbo or something delicious waiting to be eaten.

It’s deer season, so if you have venison, think about making chili. Venison chili with toppings is great on game day. If it’s on a low simmer, only between quarters do you have to give the pot a quick stir. The trimmings can all be in the fridge and ready to put out.

A good chili, like most one-pot meals, leaves choices up to the cook as to what’s added and how much. This is a basic recipe that you add your own touches to. If you don’t have venison, ground beef is fine.