Candy Corn Cupcakes

Makes 24. Recipe is from McCormick.

1 (18.25-oz.) white cake mix

2 tsps. vanilla extract

Food coloring

1 (16-oz.) container vanilla frosting

Assorted decorations, such as orange sprinkles and candy corn

1. Prepare cake mix as directed, adding vanilla. Divide the batter in half. Tint one batch yellow with 1? 3 teaspoon yellow food coloring. Tint second batch orange with 1/4 teaspoon yellow food coloring and 1?8 teaspoon red food coloring.

2. Fill each paper-lined muffin cup 1?3 full with yellow batter. Gently add orange batter on top of yellow batter, filling each muffin cup to 2?3 full. Bake as directed on package for cupcakes. Cool cupcakes on wire rack.

3. Frost cupcakes. Decorate with sprinkles and candy corn.