It’s the time of year for entertaining and decadent meals, and there’s a new place in Baton Rouge to celebrate.

The Grill, on Perkins Road near its intersection with Highland, offers a luxe atmosphere, thoughtful service and, most importantly, delicious food.

The dining area was well appointed and softly lit, giving our lunch an air of relaxed elegance. We started our meal with Cajun egg rolls ($8), plump rolls of boudin filling in a crispy fried wonton wrapper served atop a sweet and spicy peach chili sauce.

When it was time to order entrees, our waiter beamed when the oyster club sandwich ($12) was ordered. I’m the one that ordered it, and I’m still smiling. Two wide slabs of toasted white bread held spinach, tomato and a thin, perfectly melted slice of creamy provolone, along with salty, smoky bacon and a handful of perfectly fried oysters, equal parts crunchy and velvety smooth. I thought the sandwich would be tough to handle, but it wasn’t at all, and the chef even pulled off club sandwich perfection by having the hot parts served hot and the cool parts served cool. This marvel of sandwich engineering (the hot-and-cold thing is hard to do, y’all) was joined by a pile of hand-made potato chips.

Another diner’s eyes lit up at the daily grilled speckled trout special ($18). A generous filet of trout was seasoned and grilled to golden-brown perfection and served with sauteed green beans and mashed red potatoes. It’s her favorite fish and she was not disappointed. The last entree was half a shrimp po-boy served with a cup of shrimp and corn bisque and more of the hand-made chips ($11). Fresh shrimp made this sandwich shine.

We ended our meal with fresh-brewed coffee and a wedge of creme brulee cheesecake ($8), a rich, creamy slice of lightly spiced cheesecake served with a drizzle of salty caramel. The white chocolate mocha bread pudding ($8) also tempted us, but we were simply too full to sample it as well. Our group also made note of the well-appointed and stocked bar, not for lunch, of course, but for a happy hour in our very near future.

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