Asparagus plays supporting role

The boss is coming to dinner, or maybe it’s your turn for dinner rotation in the supper club. Either way, you want a dish that wows in both taste and appearance.

True, the slow cooker made its reputation in the comfort food department, but that doesn’t mean slow-cooker dishes have to look like, well, comfort food.

I know the challenges. When something cooks awhile in a slow-heating process, sometimes you have a great flavor, but not so great an appearance.

Here’s a recipe that rocks on both counts. While leeks are the prime filling for chicken breasts, asparagus play a key, supporting role. Leeks hold up well for the long cooking required.

Asparagus do better quickly cooked on stove top. Combine the two at the end and not only will you have the pop of color, but a great addition to the recipe.

Crumble several slices of cooked bacon and some feta cheese on the finished product, and the dish will be fit for any gourmet meal.