Serves 1. Recipe is from James Jacobs Jr. of Magpie Cafe, Baton Rouge. Affogato, based in the Italian tradition, means ‘drowning,’ Jacobs said. “Affogatos should not have too much melted ice cream or gelato. The sweetness of the gelato and the acidity of the espresso creates a bittersweet taste,” he said. Popular flavors at his Perkins Road espresso bar and cafe include vanilla, mocha and peppermint.

1 scoop vanilla-flavored or milk-and-honey-flavored gelato

Shot of espresso

Place scoop of gelato into a mug or cup. Using a shot glass that has been refrigerated so it is cold, fill the shot glass with espresso. Pour espresso over gelato.

Note: “You refrigerate the shot glass in order to cool the 190- to 200-degree espresso so that it does not melt the gelato when it is poured over,” Jacobs said.