Coconut Shrimp Curry

Serves 2. Recipe is from Katherine Gividen.

½ instant rice

1 cube Knorr onion seasoning

1 teaspoon Christmas Curry Powder (see recipe)

½ teaspoon sugar

Pinch ground ginger

Pinch freshly ground pepper

2 tablespoons flour

11?3 teaspoons Butter Buds

1?3 cup Original Coffeemate Powdered Coffee Creamer

1 teaspoon Wyler’s Chicken flavored bouillon granules

2 tablespoons Chao Thai coconut cream powder

At home:

1. Write on zip-top pint freezer bag, “Add ½ cup of boiling water.” Place instant rice in bag. Measure onion cube, curry powder, ginger and pepper on a square of Glad Press’n Seal wrap, leaving 2 inches on all sides. Gather four corners of wrap together and twist to seal. If you do not usually carry sugar as a condiment, add a small portion size envelope of sugar (do not open) on the wrap before sealing. 2. 2. Measure flour and Butter Buds on another square and seal. Write on zip-top pint bag, “Add ¼ cups of water.” Place Coffeemate, chicken granules and coconut powder in bag. Place all ingredients in gallon bag.

On the trail:

1. Pour boiling water in freezer bag with rice, making sure that it is resting securely in a small empty pot. Seal bag, cover pot and let sit 5 minutes. Do NOT remove bag from pot.

2. Heat curry packet, excluding sugar, in fry pan to release the aroma. Add sugar and shrimp and toss to heat through, set aside in bowl.

3. Make roux by combining flour packet with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and heat until bubbly. In the meantime, add water to creamer bag and shake vigorously.

4. Mix contents into roux. Cook until thickened. Stir in shrimp mixture until thoroughly combined. Serve on rice.