This is a recipe the late Doris Sylvest shared with me many years ago.

It’s actually a stroganoff-type recipe but with chicken instead of beef.

If you‘re tired of baked or grilled chicken, this is something different. The dish reminds me of stroganoff because the chicken is browned then baked in broth and seasonings.

Cream cheese and sour cream are added to the pan drippings, producing a tart and tasty sauce to serve over noodles.

I was generous with the carrots because I had some nice homegrown ones from the Red Stick Farmers Market.

If the chicken breasts you have are large, as the ones I used were, cut them in half sort of diagonally.

I then placed the larger halves in a plastic bag (or between waxed paper) and pounded them, with the flat side of a meat mallet, to make all the pieces more even in thickness.

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