Having a pool party or July 4 barbecue? While it’s always a challenge to have a little something to please everyone, it’s usually a safe bet that dips will be a hit.

Not only are dips popular but they’re easy to prepare ahead of time, especially if you use the slow cooker. Preparing your dips in the slow cooker not only frees you to do other things, it enables you to keep the dips warm.

This particular dip doesn’t go alongside hot dogs; it’s made with hot dogs, which helps ensure that youngsters will flock to it, even if they eat little else.

Another nice thing about this recipe is that while it works as a dip, it’s versatile enough to double as something more substantial. Spread over English muffins, for example, it becomes a wonderful appetizer or a light dinner entree for a young child.

If you’re making this as a dip only, slice your hot dogs fairly thin. If you’re using it as a spread, slice them thicker. Since it has a fairly short cooking time, plan other items accordingly.