These tasty Mushroom Canapés are easy to make and they can be left in the freezer until you’re ready to serve a few.

Chopped, sautéed mushrooms are blended with cream cheese, onions and seasoning then spread over thin slices of party bread.

Party bread is a slender, 1-pound package of thinly sliced (roughly 2x2-inch) bread. It’s the perfect size for open-faced party sandwiches.

Pepperidge Farm brand used to be the only party bread I knew of, but now there are other brands available in large grocery stores.

The recipe calls for party rye, but you can substitute with others if necessary.

This week, I used Rubschlager brand of whole-grain, sourdough bread to make the canapés. That brand’s party bread is called “cocktail” bread.

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