One of the first things you’ll see on the website for Marty J’s is that they serve Leidenheimer bread, which is famously used in many New Orleans po-boys.

And they’re right to tout it so highly, because it’s one of the few things that would make me return.

The decor in the Perkins location is sparse, with a few pieces of local art hanging on the walls. We were warmly greeted and attended to by the workers behind the counter. You can order there and be seated as you wait for your food or go through an express line.

We first tried a couple appetizers — boudin balls, crawfish pies and meat pies.

The boudin ball ($1.09) was a little salty, but adequate, with a light batter and a slightly mushy interior.

The crawfish pie ($2.69), which was cooked to order, was cold in the middle. If I had liked the filling better, I would have asked for another one to try. Unfortunately, the crawfish and rice were slimy and unappealing, so I left it at two bites.

On a brighter note, the meat pie ($2.49) was cooked through. The flaky crust and perfectly browned meat kept me coming back for tastes during the entire meal. It’s one of those items that you may take home if you’re too full to finish it at the restaurant, but then you eat right when you get home.

The woman who took our order highly recommended the roast beef po-boy ($7.99), so I ordered that. It had a delicious, thick gravy that soaked into the bread without making the sandwich soggy. The bread has a great chew and an exterior that’s crisp without being hard to bite into. The beef was sliced a little too thickly for my taste, but the overall impression of the sandwich was positive.

The appearance of the shrimp and catfish combo ($14.99) was a little underwhelming, with the seafood and french fries appearing paler than the expected-golden brown.

But the seafood was piping hot, and the light batter on the shrimp allowed the sweet flavor to shine through.

However, the catfish was bland, and the fries were forgettable. It was also accompanied by a basic salad with choice of dressing.

Marty J’s offers specials ranging from red beans and rice to fried chicken, and boiled seafood on certain nights.

But based on my experience, I’m not sure I’ll be returning to try them.