Shrimp or Crawfish Dip

Serves about 20. Recipe adapted by Sharon Keaton from a recipe from Stacey Keaton.

12 ozs. cream cheese

3 to 4 tbls. Blue Plate mayonnaise

1 bunch green onions, tops only, chopped

1/4 stick butter

1 to 11/2 lbs. very small, shelled shrimp or crawfish

About 1?3 of (8-oz.) bottle of Zatarain’s Remoulade Sauce

1/2 of (10-oz.) bottle of Drusilla Remoulade Sauce

Crackers for serving

1. Mix cream cheese and mayonnaise until of spreading consistency. Spread onto serving plate or platter.

2. Sauté green onion tops in butter. Add shimp and continue sautéing until shrimp turn pink. Let cool and sprinkle on top of the cream cheese-mayonnaise mixture.

3. Mix the two remoulade sauces and drizzle on top of the shrimp. (Stacey Keaton says she sometimes combines the sauces with the shrimp before topping the cream cheese mixture).

Serve with crackers or Melba rounds.