Readers of my blog, Clearly Delicious, often write in about the endless ways I serve hummus. For these subscribers, it should come as no surprise that along with the massive amounts of hummus I eat daily, I (sometimes) eat equal parts Schwarma. Chicken Schwarma to be exact.

Originally an Arab fast-food dish, Schwarma is available today in many American Lebanese restaurants where food items are prepared in a hurry. Indeed, Schwarma is technically a “fast food” meal.

Baton Rouge has its fair share of Schwarma-serving restaurants, many of them quite good. But the best place to find Schwarma may be right in your own kitchen, as long as you have 10 minutes and the right variety of spices.

The key to good Schwarma is the right combination of smokiness in the meat, which is accomplished through grilling, and juiciness, which comes from the olive oil and lemon juice marinade in which the meat is soaked.

Follow my variation for a Clearly Delicious spin on one of my favorite chicken-style dishes. With the right preparation and ingredients, homemade Chicken Schwarma never tasted so good outside of a restaurant.

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