After a week of telephone calls and emails, I can emphatically say there are lots of Elvis Presley fans out there — or to be more precise, lots of folks who want to try the recipe for his favorite dessert, coconut cake.

On Jan. 8, we ran a coconut cake recipe, attributed to Presley’s mother, by the authors of a cookbook published 22 years ago. The photograph accompanying the story and recipe featured a frosted cake, but the recipe didn’t include a frosting. Hence, the emails and calls.

And, the book, “Fit for a King: The Elvis Presley Cookbook” (Rutledge Hill Press), didn’t include a recipe for a frosting. Either the authors accidentally left that out of the recipe or they didn’t have Gladys Presley’s version.

I suspect she used either a 7-minute icing or a simple white frosting to hold freshly grated coconut onto the cake.

One of our callers was Janet Comeaux, of New Roads, who noted that what she called “old-timey” coconut cakes often had frosting only between the layers and on top of the cake, not on the sides. She offered an easy family cake recipe that uses a frosting that will work on the “Presley” coconut cake. See what you think.