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Advocate photo by TIM ARNOLD -- One of the Fortes' best sellers at the Farmerís Market is the 'Datíz a Sunrise,' a breakfast pizza with fresh farm eggs, which come out over easy, the rich yolk oozing over the pizza.

Dat’z a Sunrise Breakfast Pizza

2Recipe is by Joe and Shelly Forte.

21 frozen pizza dough ball or dough of your choice

Sweet Basil Pesto (see recipe)

Fresh mozzarella

Handful of fresh spinach

6 fresh grape or cherry tomatoes, sliced

Choice of meat (partially cooked applewood bacon, Italian sausage or andouille sausage)

1 to 2 fresh farm eggs (we use eggs from Hanson Farms at the Hammond Farmers Market)

Salt and pepper to taste

Handful of fresh arugula (we use organic arugula from Red Maple Farm at the Hammond Farmers Market)

1 teaspoon shredded Parmesan

Pizza stone

Pizza peel


21. Preheat oven to 500 F (or highest setting on oven). Put pizza stone inside oven and let heat to temperature for about 30 minutes.

2. Press and stretch dough ball into a round shape (or use a ready-made pizza crust or your dough). I use a 6-ounce ball stretched to a 10-inch pizza.

3. Use pesto as the base or sauce. To easily spread pesto, put it in a squeeze bottle, pastry bag or plastic storage bag with corner snipped off. Pipe pesto onto dough in a spiral from center toward the edge, leaving a 1-inch border.

4. Scatter top with fresh mozzarella pieces. Don’t overload with cheese.

5. Top with fresh spinach, sliced grape or cherry tomatoes and meat, arranging to form a well or wells for the eggs. Make sure meat (bacon or sausage) is partially cooked first.

6. Slide pizza onto pizza peel.

7. Crack eggs into wells formed by toppings while on pizza is on peel, arranging so yolk is close to center and white doesn’t run off edge. When using 2 eggs, arrange opposite each other, as centered as possible.

8. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

9. Slide from peel on to pizza stone and bake 10 to 12 minutes.

10. Remove from oven and top with fresh arugula and shredded Parmesan.

11. Slice pizza, making sure to cut through each egg yolk, and let the yolk awesomeness run onto the pizza. Enjoy!

Note: If using a larger crust, you may want to increase the number of eggs. Don’t overload with eggs as whites may run over, making it hard to slide pizza into the oven.