Y’all. I’m tired.

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be 36 weeks pregnant with all the fun and joy that brings.

Like, without getting into too much detail, pain and suffering when you walk, which you have to do fairly often to a fairly specific destination. Or pain and suffering when you sit. Or lay down. Or eat. Or breathe.

And there’s the 3-year-old, who is full of 3-year-old exuberance and fun that must be kept up with. And a nursery to get ready. And a house to keep clean. And a job to go to. Did I mention the two dogs and the cat? It makes me more tired just thinking about it.

Meals around my house lately have been of the sandwich variety, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Many a creative (and delicious) thing can be done with the versatile sandwich, particularly with the grilled cheese.

Grilled cheese sandwiches fit the supper bill nicely in that they’re warm, rich and satisfying, but still pretty quick and painless to prepare.

They can also be tailored to anyone’s tastes and, with some ingenuity, even be called gourmet.

Last year, for The Advocate’s Life After 50 show, we focused on cheese and I featured a number of my favorite grilled cheese sandwich recipes, along with my tried-and-true, no-fuss method of preparation — a hot oven.

Before you yell blasphemy, fried-in-butter fans, try the oven. You’ll never find a more evenly cooked sandwich without another specialized appliance.

Since then, my family’s expanded upon those recipes and made new favorites, like dipping the Three-Cheese Grilled Cheese in leftover spaghetti sauce or adding shredded chicken to the Mushroom and Swiss Grilled Cheese.

Both of these sandwiches are excellent bases for a wide range of options, most of which you probably have in your fridge already, and for a fairly minimal cleanup. Something a certain 3-year-old can help with, maybe.

Which leaves more time for a nap.

Beth Colvin is The Advocate’s assistant Food editor. She can be reached at bcolvin@theadvocate.com.