Irma’s Cream Cheese Coffee Cake is not your usual king cake, but it sure is delicious.

Irma Gremillion, of Hot Springs Village, Ark., was giving a party for friends who were moving.

For several years, they had celebrated Mardi Gras together.

Since their friends would not be in town for this year’s celebration, she decided to turn the cream cheese coffee cake into a king’s cake by adding Mardi Gras colors.

The cake dough has yeast in it, which makes it light and easy to work with.

You will be making two jelly-roll-type logs, which can be left straight or formed into half-circles. By putting the two half-circles end-to-end, you will form an oval cake.

As the cake cools, it does sink some but that’s OK.

It’s not necessary to glaze or garnish the top of this cake with anything — the cake is delicious with or without Mardi Gras decorations — but since it’s Mardi Gras season, let’s think purple, gold and green.

I didn’t glaze my cake, but sprinkled edible glitter over the top. Mardi Gras beads hide where the two cakes are joined.

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