My daughter, Gillian, is the master cookie baker in our family. So, I pay attention when she says she’s impressed with a cookbook’s cookie recipes.

During a recent visit, she was so enamored with a new cookbook I had in my “to review” stack - “The Cookiepedia: Mixing, Baking, and Reinventing the Classics” by Stacy Adimando (Quirk Productions Inc., $18.95, hardcover) - that I thought she might slip it into her suitcase for her return to California. She settled for copying a few of her favorite recipes.

What she and I like about the 152-page book, besides its easy, inventive recipes, is that it’s packed with all the basic information one needs to know about making cookies, from what tools to use to how to decorate. Even the most novice cookie baker won’t have trouble following Adimando’s instructions.

Plus, “The Cookiepedia” is written in a fun, conversational style, offers plenty of cooking tips and is filled with hand-drawn illustrations and full-color photographs by Tara Striano of each completed cookie.

Other nifty features are the hidden spiral binding, which makes the book easy to keep open, and its colorful, cheery design.

Adimando has divided her recipes into those for buttery cookies, chocolaty cookies, fancy cookies, fruity cookies, spicy cookies, and nutty and seedy cookies.

Among the book’s 50 recipes are Animal Crackers, Brownies, Thin Mints, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Gingersnaps, French Macarons, Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies and Pecan Sandies.

“The Cookiepedia” will make a delightful gift for anyone who likes simple, delicious desserts.

Here’s a recipe to try: