If you have a frozen ham-bone left from Easter dinner, you have the potential to make a really good soup.

When the muscles are sore from spring planting and yard cleanup or if sinuses are acting up from all of that outdoor activity, soup is a great healer as well as a good budget stretcher.

The only trick is to remember to soak the navy beans overnight. It also helps to have all ingredients ready to go in the morning. It saves a great deal of time whether it’s a weekend or a weekday morning. That simply means organizing all canned or package ingredients in one place and cutting up carrots, onions and celery.

Sandwich baggies work great for storing such refrigerated ingredients overnight.

Soups are wonderful for freezer storage as well. Just label and date in portion-sized containers for another day. If you are cooking for one, freeze enough soup in a small container to have along with a sandwich or salad. It’s a comforting, yet nutritious lunch or light dinner on a hectic day. Larger freezer containers work just as well for families.

Best of all, it’s a great use for those flavorful hambones. You will need a large cooker for this one.